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Information Security Courses

Choose from the comprehensive portfolio of eLearning courses
on Information Security, Data Protection, Phishing and more.


All Security Courses in a Single Package

Take the complete package of courses
at an irresistible price


Unlimited Content and Brand Customization

Get exactly what you need


Customized Phishing Assessment Templates

Test your Organization’s human
firewall with our Phishing Simulation

Harassment & Discrimination Courses

Begin the end to Harassment & Discrimination by sensitizing the workforce about Harassment and the ways to prevent it.


Comprehensive & Legally Curated

Courses covers global legal frameworks for
US, UK, EU, Australia, Nordic, Singapore and India.


Fully Customizable Content

Course can be tailored to meet the specific
needs of your organization industry


Real-life Scenario based

Real-life examples make it easy for
learners to relate to the content


Succeed Compliance Courses

Select from the market relevant and wide collection of compliance courses
spanning Finance and HSE verticals.


Engaging, animated and interactive courses

Immersive and enriched learning experience
with better knowledge retention


Flexibility through Customization

Customize the courses to meet the specific
needs of your organization & industry


Legally Curated

Comprehensive coverage of all legal
aspects and compliance directives

Succeed Learning Management Platform

Simple, Rapid & Secure LMS with intuitive user interface
design that is fully branded to your organization.


Rapid Implementation

Access Trainings, Resources &
Transcripts with less than 2 Clicks


Hassle-free Integration

Integrate with your existing HR/Reporting
systems using our REST API


Flexible Login

Simplify user sign-ins using options
like SAML2 SSO, LDAP and OAuth


Client Testimonials
Mr. Girisha Krishnappa
  People and Culture, AirAsia

I truly appreciate all the support that Succeed extended in regards to e-Learning on POSH, which helped us in making sure that all of our workforces are trained and awareness was spread so effectively within a very short time.I also wish to let you know your response to every email sent out by our employees were super quick and solution-oriented.I thank you on behalf of all our employees for such great work and support.

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